Ceiling Mount UV-C Disinfector

The centers for Disease control CCDCJ, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other institutions have confirmed the effectiveness of uv-c in reducing the number of infectious viral particles including Covid-19 (caused by the coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2), in air and on surfaces.
Macwarren UV offers well-engineered solutions to safely disinfect air when people are present in the room and disinfect air and surfaces when the room is not occupied.
Macwarren UV uses Philips UV light bulbs in all of our products to maintain the highest quality standards.
Macwarren UV provides cost-effective certified solutions that increase safety and reduce the airborne risks for all spaces where people live and gather.

Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV (Germicidal Ultraviolet) systems can play a significant role in helping meet ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 “Control of Infectious Aerosols.” These systems utilize UVC radiation to disinfect the air in the upper portion of a room, where infectious aerosols often linger, creating a controlled zone of inactivation.
Here’s how Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV can help meet ASHRAE Standard 241:
Inactivation of Infectious Aerosols: Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV systems emit UVC radiation at wavelengths specifically designed to target and inactivate harmful microorganisms, including infectious aerosols. By reducing the concentration of these aerosols in the upper part of the room, the potential for airborne transmission is significantly diminished.
Continuous Disinfection: The fixtures operate continuously, providing ongoing disinfection of the air. This aligns with the need for a continuous reduction in infectious aerosols, especially in high-risk environments like healthcare facilities, where air quality is crucial for infection control.
Complements Existing HVAC Systems: Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV systems can be integrated with existing heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, enhancing their effectiveness in reducing infectious aerosols. This integration ensures comprehensive air quality improvement throughout the occupied space.
Safe Operation: By emitting UVC radiation in the upper portion of the room, the risk of direct exposure to occupants is minimized. This safety feature is essential in environments with human presence and supports ASHRAE’s guidelines for safe UV-C usage.
Augmentation of Ventilation: The UV-C254 system helps augment ventilation efforts by inactivating aerosols that might not be effectively addressed by the HVAC system alone. It assists in meeting the requirements for adequate ventilation as outlined in ASHRAE Standard 241.
Enhanced Indoor Air Quality: Implementing Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV can lead to a significant improvement in indoor air quality, reducing the potential for airborne transmission of infectious diseases and creating healthier indoor environments.
Overall, Macwarren UV Upper-Room GUV provides a powerful tool to meet ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 by effectively controlling infectious aerosols in the upper part of the room. This technology complements existing ventilation strategies and plays a crucial role in creating safer and healthier indoor environments in various settings. However, it is essential to ensure that the installation and operation of these systems adhere to safety guidelines and best practices to maximize their efficacy in infection control.